1. Purpose: The purpose of this club shall be to help preserve, promote, and encourage the enjoyment of all special interest automobiles. Also, as a club, to provide and regulate special events such as cruises, swap meets, picnics, tours, etc. for all club members and their families. This car club is also formed with all car enthusiasts in mind and to promote skillful and courteous driving on all public highways and to work to defeat legislation that may be harmful to all automobile hobbies. 
  2. Membership: any individual who expresses interest in the preservation, enjoyment and restoration of any special interest automobile, not limited to any year or manufacturer, may apply for a membership application form and remitting the proper amount of dues applicable at that time. 
  3. Dues: Annual dues shall be $25.00 per year payable on or before the second Sunday of January each year. New members shall pay $25.00 when joining the club from January thru June, and shall pay $20.00 dues if joining the club from July thru December. Dues are due and payable by the second weekend of January of each year. Any member that has not paid their dues within 60 days of the due date shall be dropped from the active membership roll.
    1. Meetings: Monthly meetings shall be held on the second Sunday of each month, unless one of these dates fall on a holiday, or with the vote of the membership be held on a different date. Meetings will be held at the Oceanside Diner. Lunch will be at 1:00pm and the meeting shall begin at 1:45pm. The President shall have the authority to call a board meeting when the need arises. Special meetings of the Board may be called upon request of 7 or more members. Club members are welcome to attend all Board meetings.
    2.  Board of Directors: The offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall constitute the Board of Directors and these officers shall be decided upon by a vote of the members of the club. Should a board member become unable to perform their duties or resign, a new board member shall be appointed by a vote of the club members. The term of office for each position shall be two consecutive years. Nominations and elections shall be at the November meeting of even years. Prospective candidates shall express their willingness to serve before their names are submitted.
    3.  Duties of the Directors:   The Treasurer shall keep a roster of club membership.
    4.  Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the club. He/She must keep a complete account of all such matters by a ledger, and when called upon, present such matters to the club. The Treasurer shall maintain the club roster and assume that all members’ dues are current. He/She shall notify the President of any members who are 60 days or more in arrears on their membership dues.
    5. Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for the minutes for all meetings called for, for roll call, and handling all correspondence brought forth by the club and its members. He/she shall keep the President aware of any and all incoming correspondence that should be brought forth to club members. The Secretary may, however, designate any person to keep the minutes for any meeting
    6. Vice President: The Vice President will preside over all meetings called for if the President is unable to attend. He/she, will act a representative to any functions the President cannot attend. He/she shall assist the President in any way possible to achieve and maintain the goals of the club.
    7. The President will preside over all meetings called for and he/she will act as a representative to any functions or activities held by the club or any other club he/she is asked to attend. He/she will seek ways to help build membership, create ideas, and help promote and maintain interest for and by its members. He/she shall have the authority to call a meeting with the club officers at least once per quarter to discuss club goals, policies and matters of importance to the club.
  • Committees: Committees are on a voluntary basis, or appointed by the board of directors as they deem necessary 
  • Newsletter: A newsletter shall be published to inform members of the club and members news, current and timely events, etc.
  • Reimbursement of Club Related Expenses: Club Members requesting reimbursement for Club Related expenses must submit documented receipts for expenses to Club Treasurer, and reimbursement must be approved by a minimum of two Board Members. Board Members requesting reimbursement shall have expense reimbursements approved by two other Board Members. Committee members shall get approval in advance from the Treasurer prior to making purchases for their committee’s functions.
  • Parliamentary Procedure: Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the final authority for disputes on all matters not covered in the By-Laws. 
  • Dissolution: In the event of dissolution of t his club, all remaining assets of the club known as the Curry County Cruisers shall be donated to a worthwhile charity considering all outstanding bills are paid.


Any member who does not agree with the purpose of this non-profit organization shall make their views known at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

These By-Laws shall become effective January 1, 2014.